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St. Dimitar Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church
1555 Steeles Ave W
Brampton, ON L6Y 5J9


Rev. Fr. Ioan Ivanov

Didi Kaneff - President

More Information:

What We Are Proud Of:
1.    Apart from the glamour and grandeur of the exclusive architecture of our temple, we are also proud with the functioning of active and young ten-member Church Committee, of which you can also become a part. For further details and more information, please call 905 861 9111 or via email: otec.ioan@stdimitar.org
2.    Regular holiday and Sunday services carried out for more than 100 days throughout the calendar year. Traditional beginning 11 a.m. For inquiries, please call 905 861 9111 or 905 230 4456.
3.    An irresistible challenge for all ladies is the Women’s Committee active in the social life. President of the Committee is Mrs Diana Koseva. For further details, please call 905 450 1638.

4.    A focal point for all youngsters and their relatives of Bulgarian origin as well as their friends from other nationalities is the Youth Committee which is responsible for organizing of parties, sports initiatives, camping, ecological engagement, and last but not least to ensure a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for new acquaintances. For details: 905 861 9111 or 905 230 4456.

5.    The increased interest towards our free monthly electronic informational bulletin called ‘Dimitrovche’ encourages us to offer it to people who haven’t yet subscribed for it. In its ten rubrics you can find useful information not only on church topics. Interesting and instructional will be the rubrics devoted to our national customs and traditions, the church and namesake calendar, the cooking recipes, the tales for the little ones, the poems, and many more informational columns. The appropriately chosen volume of about 20 pages could be provided to you after you leave your electronic contact information.

6.    You will also find extremely useful our weekly paper leaflet delivered on Sundays. You can find it at the narthex of the church or after stating in advance that you would like to receive it by mail. For the latter you will have to specify your address and postal code. You could do that by calling 905 861 9111 or via email: otec.ioan@stdimitar.org

7.    Part of our hard work to unite our Bulgarian community and to heal the nostalgic feelings is the regular movie night on which we show famous Bulgarian movies in the church hall each first and third Friday of the month. Traditionally the movie starts at 7:30 p.m. There is food and drinks on sale. The name and plot of the movie are sent in advance via email. If you wish to receive this information but you haven’t yet provided us with your contact information, you can do so on 905 861 9111 or 905 230 4456. Or via e-mail: otec.ioan@stdimitar.org

8.    A part of our educational programme is also the Biblical Course, which is held each second and fourth Friday of the month at 7:30 p.m. During the course you will learn more about the traditional Orthodox faith of our ancestors as well as the cultural and historical inheritance of Christianity. The topics discussed are from the domain of theology, history, archaeology, geography, medicine, informational technologies and others. The course is free and without registration. The current topic on the agenda is announced one week before the day of the course via email. We would gladly welcome any new ideas or areas of interest related to religion that you would wish to discuss. Please, welcome.
9.    Another programme is the Historical Theological Discussion Club whose primary objective is to shed light on controversial issues of the national and worldly history, as well as the church history. Our leading lecturer is the renowned specialist in the historical science and a former lecturer in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, as well as in New Bulgarian University, Dr. Christo Dimitrov. Having received your contact information, we will be able to inform you on time about each upcoming topic for discussion. We will welcome your suggestions at chrdimit@hotmail.com

10.    There has also been established a Cooking Course where cooking instructions and recipes for most delicious traditional and non traditional meals are offered. Chief supporter of the initiative is Mrs Kina Valtcheva – a lifelong expert in the household management and cosy atmosphere at home. For more details, please call 905 861 9111 or via email: otec.ioan@stdimitar.org

11.    A memorable moment in our short history is the setting up of a Church Choir led by the professional conductor Svetlina Vasilkova. There is an ongoing campaign for recruiting volunteers for the choir. Please, any wishing to join the choir, call Mrs Vasilkova on 905 566 4651. Let us all together create a more beautiful, impressive and mystical divine service. The temple has booklets in store with the services’ text, notes and order, which will enhance everybody wishing to join us.
12.    We would also like to remind you about the numerous social gatherings and evening parties which take place on each more significant national holiday, committed to the history, culture and religion of our homeland. For each event you will be informed in due time via email. For details call the office 905 861 9111 or 905 230 4456.
13.    Our church also hosts the Peel Board of Education Bulgarian School. The school offers several subjects including Bulgarian Language, History, Religion, all of which are taught in Bulgarian. If you wish to register your kids for the next school year, please contact the Headmaster of the school, Mrs Yotka Richard, in the church.

14.    Another source of our pride is also the big Library, which includes both Bulgarian and foreign literature, as well as strictly Christian literature. The service of the library is absolutely free. Please, welcome. For details: 905 861 9111 or 905 230 4456.

15.    For everyone with a keen interest in music we offer professional lessons in piano, solfeggio and basic theory of music at affordable prices. For contacts, please call 905 230 4456 or via email: otec.ioan@stdimitar.org.

In order to enjoy Your friendship and presence in church, we are currently working on many more projects in order to support our Orthodox faith and national culture.
For more information, please visit us at: www.stdimitar.org

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