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Donations for the Orphanage in Novi Han by Our Diocese in America

Under the initiative of the Sts. Martha and Mary Sisterhood of the Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Diocese of USA, Canada, and Australia and according to the resolution of the 38th Annual Diocesan Convention, the parishes of Kodiak, AK, Indianapolis, IN, Roanoke, VA,  "St. Maximus the Confessor" Monastery in Palmira, VA, Syracuse, NY, Boston, MA, and Santa Rosa, CA raised $9,000 in donations for the "St. Nicholas" orphanage in Novi Han, which is headed by Fr. John.  The funds were raised in commemoration of the feast day of St. Nicholas--a traditional day of Christian charity--according to the example of the great saint Nicholas the Wonderworker.

Last year, after the Diocesan youth group visited the orphanage in Novi Han and a video about Fr. John's orphanage was circulated, our Diocese donated $12,000.  All of us from the overseas Diocese of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church are praying that, through the intercessions of St. Nicholas, Fr. John's orphanage in Novi Han will continue to feed and keep warm our brothers and sisters in Christ who are in need.

Fr. John's Orphanage at Novi Han

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